10 useful websites for entrepreneurs and creatives

Hey all, thought we’d share some of these gem tools that we use or have used on the journey. We’re always focused on optimising performance for brands so always have bits to share.

Most of them are there to help improve results, for those starting out or already in the business space. Some for e-commerce enthusiasts, web performance geeks and some just cool stress release sites because being in this industry is not all roses and butterflies. Will be doing these regularly so keep an eye out for next set if you like.

Please note: most are free but some may have a paid subscription after a free trial so check before signing.


1. Jotform - great platform for brands that need to gather client information, signatures and even payments easily . Free to use.

2. TrendHunter - very handy for those in e-commerce and industry professionals. It’s main focus is showcasing current top trends, viral news and innovative ideas.

3. Pexda - a chrome extension that works alongside Facebook to help search out high performing ads and products. Saves you hassle and time from choosing stagnant products.

4. Framer App - great prototype platform for companies with an active team. It’s a simple way to showcase projects, plans and ideas using code and creatively.

5. GTMetrix - been around for a while but still a priceless gem to have in your pocket. Let’s you test website speed while notifying you of any issues that need fixing.

6. Cybrary - a large community of learning gold. Join courses to learn from industry experts develop in your career.

7. Virustotal - very resourceful tool for those who regularly receive files and visiting a variety of websites. The site analyses files and domains instantly to check for any virus or suspicious activity.

8. Hashtagify - tracking tool made for Twitter. Helps you find the best hashtags and trending topics in real time.

9. Privy - email marketing and sms platform that will help you grow sales effectively and improve site conversion rates.

10. PixelThoughts - a free 60second meditation site to help you distress from all the noise. Very helpful for those with a hectic schedule.

Hope these help on the journey! Let me know your thoughts.

- The Web Guy

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