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#TOP10 tips for those starting a business from a 10 year entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

1 - Start in an industry you are passionate about. This way you’ll enjoy the process while the journey tests every fibre of your being

2 - Fail fast and get back up always, the obstacles will definitely come

3 - Invest back into yourself via personal development or attaining quality resources /equipment

4 - Recruit slow and fire fast. Employ others to work on your areas of weakness. Build a team of quality over quantity.

5 - Build a brand, stay consistent

6 - Collaborate with others regularly. Start your networking early

7 - Develop your craft daily. Be the best in your industry

8 - Keep your ears to the latest trends and revolutions in your industry. This is golden.

9 - Step out of your comfort zone in all areas of the brand.

10 - Make it fun. Trust me.

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