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#TOP10 tips to build a successful business in 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

  1. 1. Completely understand your target market and niche - it's vital to know exactly who your clients are, where your clients are located, what your clients want and how do they engage with content. This should be an integral part of your foundation.

  2. Collaborate with those in the same industry and are doing well - build your courage and reach out to creaTors and innovators that you are inspired by and find a way to collaborate but first have something of value to offer them.

  3. Learn to write engaging ad copies and soul aligned blogs - there's a rare technique when creating adverts and campaigns that bring in so much results by using either emotive language, social proofing, sense of urgency and many others.

  4. Always provide your product or service from a place of honesty and integrity - this is another integral part of your foundation which I touch on in other content that I have written, just search. Your viewers will know if you're being genuine with them or not so always keep your integrity in check when providing your services or product.

  5. Learn how to create viral content and campaigns - constantly study, practice or take the right courses on how to provide content that reaches thousands of people from a few tricks which will in turn generate extreme traffic for you.

  6. Create your content from a place of purpose and passion - this ties in with value focused content, as there's always value in something or someone that is passionate and has a solid vision. Know your why.

  7. Learn how to leverage emerging platforms and crossposting - we're in an age where there's always a new emerging market and opportunity for creatives to utilise and build there business / brand on; it's up to you to keep up and take the opportunity when it arises. Look at how TikTok grew to fame in such a short space of time, great example.

  8. Understand the art of psychology within sales - this will take your brand to a next level if you understand the concepts behind providing what your target market needs at the optimal times.

  9. Make value sharing within your niche a second nature habit - in order to get the word around about how great you are and how great your brand is, you should always provide value in various ways which will eventually snowball your brand positively.

  10. Stay consistent and make improvements regularly - the final thing is to always be CONSISTENT, your brand cannot grow if you take regular breaks or stay dormant for various amounts of time. Keep going and track progress.


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